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This story is hardcore horror. Blonde headed Amber knew that the storm carried the scent of death. Mrs. Henry and her son perished in the rising water. Amber was rescued and put up for adoption.


Jenny, who suffered from depression, had volunteered for the Southern Doberman Rescue. When the fawn Doberman arrived at the shelter, she knew she would take the dog home with her. When her son informed her that he and his wife wouldn’t spend Christmas with her, and she received notice her disability check was going to stop, Jenny knew she would beat the suicide clause before her insurance ended that December 31, 2005. She believed in her dogs to do their part.


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Mrs. Henry stood up to retrieve Amber when a loud crash broke through the house as the storm ripped the window out of the crumbling brick wall. Surging water boomed its might against the family as well as the storage area under the stairs, ripping the curtain, which hid its contents. Dank water poured in so fast that it swept them against the far wall.

 Mrs. Henry’s son, LaVon, couldn’t swim, so she took hold of him as they flailed about in the swirling water, desperate to keep their heads above it. LaVon was safe for the moment, but Mrs. Henry knew that she couldn’t swim them both to the safety of the stairs as the rushing water rose above the furniture, cardboard boxes of old toys and the Christmas decorations floated up from the silver aluminum tree.

With all of her might and strength, Mrs. Henry tried to inch her way over to the top of the gun cabinet so she could stop treading water. Amber watched and started howling her fear as she clung to the safety of the top step, just above the water level. Mrs. Henry swam towards the spot where the gun cabinet should have been, and LaVon slipped out of her grip, quickly going under.

Terrified she dove to grab him, but the whirlpooling water sucked her down to the floor. Her need to live did not overcome her desire to save her son. She groped through the murky black water trying to find him but felt nothing. She fanned out, feeling along the floor and decided to try to save herself as her breath tightened in her chest.

 Kicking off the bottom as hard as she could to make it up the nine feet to the surface, she banged her head into the edge of an old oak table that stored down there. It stunned her, and reflexively she opened her mouth to cry out in pain. The water rushed in. For a minute, she was conscious of her impending death, convulsing as the oxygen rapidly depleted from her brain.

 A steady stream of bubbles betrayed the water’s deadly secret. Amber shuddered and cried out for the family. Instincts dictated that she stay on the step.