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Teddee Cole is a serious business woman with an art gallery, studio, and frame shop. She never was into dating, far too motivated for success for such silly games. Don Snipes enters her shop and life and turns her life upside down. Happily married, she never lets on how she feels.

Due to a recession, she loses her business and realizes that not having someone to share this moment in her life was not worth her effort. She lands a job at a local paper mill and discovers Don is single and that he works there.Will she have the courage to pursue a relationship with him, or will she continue with her independent lifestyle?

The ending is what so many people really wants to happen.


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Teddee Cole was proud of herself as she looked around her shop. How many twenty-one-year-olds owned a home, a brand new Acura, and had no credit card debt? She knew she was an aberration among most of her friends whose only interests in life were bar hopping and text messaging. She believed in the American dream and proved that she was sedulous.

Her instincts about opening something very different had paid off quickly. Since she liked offbeat things, she’d painted her gallery black and covered the walls with chrome chains. She smiled as she looked around at the avant-garde gallery opened only six months ago. She’d managed to pay off her bank loan in that short time. The chains even provided an easy way to hang artwork and move things around. A talented artist herself, Teddee’s paintings sold before the paint dried on them.

Leaning across the large frame to place the sheet of glass inside it, Teddee startled when the bells on her door chimed, announcing that a customer had entered her studio. She stopped immediately and walked up front.

“Hello, how may I help you today?”

There stood the sexiest man she’d ever seen in her life. Buff but thin with his long blond hair pulled back in a ponytail. She stared into his deep-set green eyes and felt sure she was going to mess up any words coming out of her mouth. She felt herself tremble.