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Dee Jordan’s Author’s Page

Dee Jordan, a retired schoolteacher, had her first novel published by Sneakaboard Press in 2009 under the pen name N. L. Snowden. This novel, In and Out of Madness, is available on Amazon and Kindle. She wrote a column about the life of a published author for a California e-zine called Active Voice. She also did book reviews for the Alabama Writers’ Forum Online Reviews, and she wrote articles dealing with mental illness for the newspaper, New York City Voices. She has had short stories published in four literary magazines and five different anthologies. Recently, she had a story published in an international anthology. A literary magazine published her first novel in a ten thousand word except. A poem will appear in Literary Review-East in June of 2017. When she is not at work, she is squirreled away in her apartment working on her third novel, a YA memoir titled The Horses Who Made Me-ME! She has completed therough draft of her fourth novel about life in a retirement center. MajesticOaks: Where Aging Ain’t for Sissies. Her newest novel, In the Shadow of Sin: The Confessions of a Sex Addict, debuted in April of 2017. Today, she lives in a retirement community, which provides fodder for her fertile imagination in short stories.

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